Monday, June 18, 2012

Solo - ARGOS & Iridium Listings

Solo ARGOS and Iridium listings are being added to the Argo Database. The Solo Listing pages are available here. Read more below for details on the ARGOS and Iridium listing pages...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Solo-II Pages

The Solo-II pages are intended to facilitate management of and communication with the new Solo-II Argo Floats. The following provides some description of the Solo-II pages and planned development.

Features &Functionality

The following features are currently implemented in the Solo-II pages:
  • Summary and overview pages for all known Solo-II floats
  • Solo-II Listings
    • browsable section for each float
    • automated calculation of next anticipated surfacing based on previous surfacing time and previous cycle length
    • original/source listings files available for download
  • Reported Mission Parameters
    • browsable section for each set of reported parameters
    • simple web form for modifying and uploading reported mission parameters
    • automated parsing of parameter files (.param) to get reported mission parameters
    • original/source parameter files available for download
  • Upload/Queue Mission Parameters
    • browsable history of all uploaded & queued mission parameters
    • simple web form for generating and uploading mission parameters
    • automated SBD file creation, as a result of web form submission
    • automated uploading of SBD file via email to Iridium
    • automated user confirmation email generation
The following features are currently under development, or are scheduled for development in the near future:
  • Upload/Queue Mission Parameters
    • user scheduling (specific date/time) of mission parameters upload
    • automated scheduling of mission parameters upload, such that the upload occurs in a 5-day window before the floats next anticipated surfacing
    • saving of sets of mission parameters to facilitate repeat uploads of the parameters to multiple floats
    • batch uploading of mission parameters
  • Browsable section for other relevant files/information
    • mail messages
    • .phy files

Page Descriptions 

  • Home
    • summary table of all known Solo-II floats
  • Listings
    • all processed Solo-II Iridium listings
    • listing files (.lis) are available for download here
  • Queued Mission Parameters
    • mission parameters that have been queued for upload or have been uploaded
  • Reported Mission Parameters
    • all reported Solo-II mission parameters
    • parameter files (.param) corresponding to reported mission parameters are available for download here
    • web form modification & re-submission of reported mission parameters
  • Saved Mission Parameters (under construction)
    • saved Solo-II mission parameters 
    • can be used to upload the same commands to multiple floats
  • Upload Mission Parameters 
    • web form for mission parameter generation & uploading