Thursday, June 7, 2012

Solo-II Pages

The Solo-II pages are intended to facilitate management of and communication with the new Solo-II Argo Floats. The following provides some description of the Solo-II pages and planned development.

Features &Functionality

The following features are currently implemented in the Solo-II pages:
  • Summary and overview pages for all known Solo-II floats
  • Solo-II Listings
    • browsable section for each float
    • automated calculation of next anticipated surfacing based on previous surfacing time and previous cycle length
    • original/source listings files available for download
  • Reported Mission Parameters
    • browsable section for each set of reported parameters
    • simple web form for modifying and uploading reported mission parameters
    • automated parsing of parameter files (.param) to get reported mission parameters
    • original/source parameter files available for download
  • Upload/Queue Mission Parameters
    • browsable history of all uploaded & queued mission parameters
    • simple web form for generating and uploading mission parameters
    • automated SBD file creation, as a result of web form submission
    • automated uploading of SBD file via email to Iridium
    • automated user confirmation email generation
The following features are currently under development, or are scheduled for development in the near future:
  • Upload/Queue Mission Parameters
    • user scheduling (specific date/time) of mission parameters upload
    • automated scheduling of mission parameters upload, such that the upload occurs in a 5-day window before the floats next anticipated surfacing
    • saving of sets of mission parameters to facilitate repeat uploads of the parameters to multiple floats
    • batch uploading of mission parameters
  • Browsable section for other relevant files/information
    • mail messages
    • .phy files

Page Descriptions 

  • Home
    • summary table of all known Solo-II floats
  • Listings
    • all processed Solo-II Iridium listings
    • listing files (.lis) are available for download here
  • Queued Mission Parameters
    • mission parameters that have been queued for upload or have been uploaded
  • Reported Mission Parameters
    • all reported Solo-II mission parameters
    • parameter files (.param) corresponding to reported mission parameters are available for download here
    • web form modification & re-submission of reported mission parameters
  • Saved Mission Parameters (under construction)
    • saved Solo-II mission parameters 
    • can be used to upload the same commands to multiple floats
  • Upload Mission Parameters 
    • web form for mission parameter generation & uploading

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